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The Process

We make our clothes out of deadstock fabric only. It can also be called upcycled fabric or vintage fabric. This is fabric that comes from other factories, brands, or fabric makers who no longer need it. They sell the excess fabric, that would otherwise go to waste, to a deadstock reseller. We go in and search through thousands of rolls of leftover fabric to find something special. Then we make our garments out of it. 

Rolls of deadstock can vary greatly in size and quantity. Sometimes we find a big roll and can make quite a few pieces with it. Sometimes we find something really awesome but it's tiny and we can only make a few. Because of this, all our fabric runs are limited edition.

When we sell out, that exact fabric is gone forever. We always look for more of the same, but it will never be identical. Therefore you know your Scout purchase is special. It is guaranteed to be one of a limited few, not one of many.